Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: Tarte be MATTEnificent palette

A few days I stopped by Ulta and finally picked up this palette. I have been eye-ing it for quite some time and decided that it was a necessity in my collection. It was $36, which is not too bad for a palette with eight eyeshadows (two to be worn as eyeliner), a blush, and a double-ended brush.

 As for the packaging, it is beautiful! It has a solid case and a snap closure. It is very sturdy and somewhat heavier than other palettes that I own.

Blush: Elevated, Eyeshadows (Top Row L to R) sand out from the crowd, peach for the stars, two plums up (Bottom Row L to R) pink outside the box, rose to the occasion, view from the taupe, Liner shadows (L to R): dream in chocolate, don't stand black

All of the colors are completely matte and non-chalky. The blush is a gorgeous brown mauve that looks natural on all skin tones.

Sand out from the crowd is a light peach color that is the suggested base color. It is very pigmented and blends beautifully.

Peach for the stars is exactly that, a warm peach lid color. It is a perfect color to warm up any look.

Two plums up, the darkest of the main shadows, is a rich dark plum that compliments the other lighter colors in the palette. It is the perfect dark color to smoke out an eye look.

Pink outside the box is a light pink lid color that is also great to highlight the brow bone or inner corner.

Rose to the occasion is the most perfect crease color in my opinion. It ties in all of the warm purple-rosy tones of the other eyeshadows and blends flawlessly!

View from the taupe is a light cool taupe color that is also a crease or transition color. It is one of the lesser pigmented colors of the palette

Dream in chocolate is an extremely pigmented dark brown shadow that is suggested to be used as a liner. It is a great shadow to smudge out liner and soften the harshness of the line.

Don't stand black is the other liner shadow. It is equally as pigmented as dream in chocolate and is perfect to darken a liner or to be used as a soft liner on its own

L to R: elevated, sand out from the crowd, peach for the stars, two plums up, pink outside the box, rose to the occasion, view from the taupe, dream in chocolate, don't stand black
The colors all swatch beautifully and translate very well on the eye. My favorite look has been to put sand out from the crowd from lashline to brow bone, pink outside the box lightly on the lid and under the brow, rose to the occasion in the crease, and two plums up in the outer corner but very well blended. I then use a gel liner and smudge it out using dream in chocolate.

This palette is a definite must buy for anyone who is as obsessed with matte eyes as I am! Since the palette is rose/purple toned, the colors will accentuate all eye colors. 

Keep coming back for some new looks with the palette!


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