Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe

I'm no stranger to NYX products, they have a great track record. Every eyeliner I have from them is pigmented and long-wearing; the Glam Liner Aqua Luxe liners do not disappoint

From L to R: Glam Nude, Glam Golden, and Glam Purple
I decided to pick up three, very different shades so I could see how well the range is as a whole. Each contains .10 oz of product and each of the shades are very pigmented. The packaging states that these are waterproof, and they definitely are. It takes an oil based makeup remover to get it off. The best part is that the glitter stays all day unlike some other eyeliners I have tried in the past

Glam Nude
The eyeliner is a brush tip with a long handle that makes it very easy to apply. The one fault that I find is that you need to wipe off the excess product from the brush before applying to avoid clumps of glitter/liner on the eye.

L to R: Glam Nude, Glam Golden, Glam Purple

Glam Nude is a champagne with silver microglitter throughout. It is great for brightening the lower lashline or as liner on the top of the eyelid for a very subtle effect.

Glam Golden is a olive color with golden shimmer. This is definitely my favorite and most used of the three. I can use it as regular eyeliner instead of a harsh black. Since I have green eyes, the olive color makes my eyes pop!

Glam Purple is a true purple with blue microglitter. This is the perfect lower lashline pop of color. That trend seems to be consistent every spring and I cannot wait to get use out of it when the weather starts to get warmer.

In the end, I definitely recommend these liners. I think the staying power is great and they are highly pigmented as most NYX products are. They can be used as regular liner or on the lower lashline for a subtle pop of color.


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